Entrepreneur Tells All “How I started a business with less than $100”

22 Sep

Do You Want to Start a Business?


My Name is Amid Yousef, author of the book, ‘Entrepreneur Tells All.”
I’ve developed a course using my 25 years of successful business expertise
that will IGNITE the entrepreneur inside you,

and have you starting your own business with EASE!
I give you the Confidence with step-by-step guidance
and save you months of time and frustration
on your way to opening your business and promoting your operation!

Welcome… In this video you learn how to get access
to the PDF checklist similar to the one I used to open
my 12 stores and run them successfully for over 25 years…
Start with this list, and see if you’ve missed a step or 2 or all 47…
On your journey to the FREEDOM of starting and owning a business,
I want to come along as your coach and mentor
I hope you will accept this checklist as my gift to you to help get you started.
Go ahead, put your email address in the box below to get instant access …


2 Responses to “Entrepreneur Tells All “How I started a business with less than $100””

  1. EntrePreneurTellsAll September 22, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    I want to teach everyone to become Entrepreneur to start their own business.
    If you have the desire, I know how to make it happen!

  2. AmidYousef February 3, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    I started http://www.tvshowhow.com as a Censorship Free Zone for Authors, creators of content and publishers. I always wanted a TV station now I created a Network of stations… Way cool…
    Amid yousef

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