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  1. AmidYousef February 3, 2012 at 12:39 am #

    Amid Yousef Author & Creator of the Entrepreneur Tells All Training Series of "How to Start A Business From Scratch" Even If You Don’t Speak Good English”

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    Sunday October 9th 2011

    Amid Yousef at Experts Academy Very Happy

    Beaming with joy for meeting so many wonderful people

    I am writing the beginning entry of my blog… I’ve been off Facebook for 24 hours and got to fill all that free time…
    Won’t you please join me here so we can have a pleasant conversation together?

    This is my personal blog. In it I will write about what projects I am doing.
    1- The Book “Kafroon” A book about Peace!
    2- The Entrepreneur Tells All Training series

    Amid Yousef … http://www.amidyousef.com Many Videos (Scroll Down)


    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (41 days)

      TvShow how interviews are lining up …
      I’ve got a packed schedule with
      Monday: Susie Beiler and Don McGrATH
      Tuesday with Desmond Sim from Singapore
      Wed. Oli Hilie from New Zealand
      Wednesday Laurel Tombazzi

    • Susie (41 days)

      Thanks for everything, Amid!
      I’m excited for our interview on Monday!
      Have a beautiful holiday with your family :)

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (47 days)

      My Friend Matthew Peters wrote: at 5:39 PM today (Saturday)
      Hey Amid,
      Congratulations! You’ve sold your first SmartPhone Video Course. You’re my first affiliate – so I’m uncertain when you will be auto paid.

      Your payment will hit your paypal account that you entered shortly. Let me know if you don’t see it soon.

      This is very special because it VALIDATES our business model. YEA!

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (48 days)

      Get ready for a Smart TV conversation with Authors, & Creators of content directly at “The Show How TV Network” Opening 1-1-2012

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (49 days)

      My Speaker Profile on Speakerfile.com is finally here.
      Click to check it out… What do you think?

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (49 days)

      I was just interviewed by Celia Gates… I was very nervous and she did a wonderful Job. I can’t wait to see the video. Thanks Celia

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (53 days)

      Sunday was the anniversary of Dad’s passing, Bishop uncle Massoud said mass, my nephew Manny recorded a bit of video for us… I will put that up in few days… Editing takes a bit….

      Most my time is spent building the software platform for the TV station….
      GOD please bless this venture… Thank you

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (54 days)

      Our daughter drew this card for my Birtday… We coach them from young on that we love their work more than store bought presents… Hat do you think? https://plus.google.com/100639045969948187573/posts/bEZHL8UCZHv
      Nicole drew this for my Birthday

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (66 days)

      Verification code for Empire Verification code

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (66 days)

      Hi Bart, thanks for all the Onl9ine Support and Love … I went to your site but there was no place to Blog. Can you let me know where is a place to add a comment. Nice site BTW.

    • Bart (66 days)

      Hey Amid,

      I see lots of wisdom and knowledge so I’ll be back, meanwhile please, have yourself a wonderful day my friend!

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (67 days)

      Hey Joe, Loving the idea we are talking about. What is your Blog?

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (67 days)

      Thank you Judith for all the love and following.
      I visited your blog and left you a comment. Very nice. You are great.

    • Joe Jurczyk (67 days)

      Looking forward to working with you again, Amid!

    • Judith (67 days)


      You have such good energy!! I think you’re great! Love your blog. Get some rest my friend.

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (68 days)

      Thank you my friend and I am so looking forward to meeting and brainstorming SEO, web rankings and Social media enterpreneurial talk… Thanks
      BTW what is the plugin you are using at the opening to collect emails? Thanks for all the love

    • Joshua (68 days)

      Hey Amid! Just wanted to stop by and show your blog some love! You have some great inspirational videos, pictures and a great message.

      The “Peace Messenger!” I love that. This world would be a better place if we have more peace and less hate.

      And happy early birthday my friend.

    • admin (69 days)

      The Running Channel with Social Media Smith has started the conversation.

      Today I met with my friend Joe Jurczyk, we’ve been friends since 1985 or before.
      He is a wonderful and gentle soul.
      Joe is a running expert with plenty of followers (11000 on Linked In, almost 5000 on FB and 1800 twitter)
      We discussed partnering on launching the Running Channel and more details to come

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (71 days)

      Hey Monick:
      I loved seeing you at HPA. I must admit I feel a lot healthier sleeping more and I am starting to make better decisions too.
      Thanks you for being you and I loved your BLOG as I mentioned there LOVED LOVED

    • Monick Halm (71 days)

      Hey Amid, good to hear you’re sleeping more. After HPA, I dedicated myself to sleeping a minimum of 7 hours per night and have been getting 8 hours most nights too. I feel so much better!!!

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (72 days)

      Thank you Oli… After hearing how much damage to the brain 4 hours nightly can do I stopped that and I’ve been sleeping 7 or 8 hours and I am feeling much better

    • Oli Hille (72 days)

      Hi Amid

      I enjoyed your blog thank you. Please read the chapter in my book on “Sleep”. Sleeping 4 hours a night is not at all sustainable!


      Oli Hille
      “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle”

    • admin (78 days)

      Those who say it can’t be done, should get out of the way of those DOING it!

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (78 days)

      Doc Carlos, you are the most supportive most awesome true friend. and imagine we met at a training seminar for Authors… Let’s Author something … Haha
      BTW…I am trying to grow my twitter following please let everyone know:

    • Carlos (79 days)

      You can do it Amid! I now limit myself to only posting in the mornings and then check a few posts. I limit my time on FB to 20 minutes. look forward to hearing more about your progress.

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (81 days)

      Drive Cleveland Downtown to Cleveland Clinic on Euclid Avenue http://www.entrepreneurtellsall.com
      Euclid Avenue should be the easiest to fill yet it continues to be empty. It is a naturally pedestrian street now with busses going back and forth every few minutes… This Proposal is for whomever wishes to help us write the FUTURE by an Entrepreneur Pen!
      Bring Back Mainstreet Global Cleveland Foundation Entrepreneur To Business Training CSU SCORE Proposal

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (85 days)

      Yesterday, I did not vote in protest!
      For the 1st time ever since I’ve become a citizen of USA I elected purposely not to vote…
      What makes this so sad? I love the freedom and the right to vote…
      However, the political system is soooo corrupt, that I felt this protest was needed. I don’t feel good about NOT voting; but it seems no matter who gets voted into office -he/she does not matter – soon they get swallowed buy the giant machine of corruption….
      I will come back to voting but for yesterday i wanted to protest and ABSTAIN from voting in PROTEST… I know it makes it worse that less of us vote and that’s why I will go back to voting but honestly this was an act of frustration…. Did you vote? How did you feel?

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (87 days)

      OMG Tracey I already miss you and everyone so much. The energy I took from that and the know how and commitment. I have been MINIMAL on FB which allowed me to finish my fist daily project (a great video which will be up on the Brainbox later tonight)

      Thank you for sting here and as you now that is really good for both our SEO … What site would you like me to BLOG on today?

    • Tracey (87 days)

      Amid, I so enjoyed sitting next to you the last few hours of HPA. I guess I was there when you started your new facebook policy. Congratulations You are in charge of your schedule, dammit !!!
      I am here to offer you encouragement and support to get off your addiction. Ifthere is anything I can do to help, let me know. If I see you on Facebook – I’ll tell you to go do something else : )


    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (91 days)

      I am looking forward to this evening:

      Also tonight I will have dinner with my longtime friend Phil Davidson… He used to be the Agent of the Year contender along with me for the early 90′s….
      His story and what happened to him after he was terminated by the cellular company so they can take his residuals and silence him is incredible…. I look forward to hearing the story….

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (91 days)

      I am at High Performance Academy in California learning more from Brendon Bruchard as follow up to Experts Academy …..

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (94 days)

      Tomorrow to Silicone Valley California for another fine event and meeting with Publishers… WIsh us luck!

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (97 days)

      Kafroon Concept for Creating Jobs & Tourism
      Kafroon Concept for Creating jobs & Tourism

    • Amid Yousef
      Amid Yousef (101 days)

      Today I shared with

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